The Statement Necklace

Add a WOW factor to your wardrobe with a bold statement necklace, it’s the fashionable¬†women’s best friend. Necklaces are the perfect versatile accessory, whether you’re looking for a statement or a pop of color on your LBD (little black dress). I personally rely on them to jazz up my outfits, since I find myself mostly buying solid color clothing….(I need to work on that) LOL.

The thought of turquoise jewelry immediately evokes images of summer to me. It’s my go to stone for summer accessorizing . With it’s soothing blue-green hue and status in Native American Indian folklore as a spiritual “fallen sky stone,” it isn’t surprising that we equate turquoise with the hippie counterculture movement. But, if you need proof that turquoise can be as elegant as it is earthy, look no further than my blog, showing it on a simple black cold-shoulder dress. The turquoise bib statement necklace I am wearing brings my dress to life. You girls in your twenties go ahead and wear it to Coachella with your denim, I am going to rock it with a simple black dress.

Always remember, you are Fabulous at every age !



Who am I ?

Hello, I’m Deborah, I am a fashion lover and collector. I have been in the retail game for 25 years now, deciding what women should wear to look their very best! It is so easy when you’re twenty, beautiful, and the words, “my problem area “, is not a part of your vocabulary. I Have created this blog to help women 50 plus look fabulous! We all need to celebrate ourselves, and our individual style, and beauty.We all are FABULOUS !!

I am a wife for 26 years, and have two beautiful children. My oldest is a boy, (really a man) Cory, who is 24 years old, and just starting his career . My daughter, Sydney, who is 22, and is also interested in fashion. She will be graduating college this coming January with a fashion merchandising degree. You will see her input now and then on the blog.

This is a new endeavor for me, so please be patient. Let’s all have fun discovering our personal style and realizing that we are all FABULOUS !!