Girls Night Out

Oh yes it’s ladies’ night and the feeling’s right……

If your looking to get away for the night and make memories with your very best girlfriends, you should try a girls night out. Get on the phone and call your Carrie, Charlotte, Samantha and Miranda (I was a big Sex and the City fan in the 90’s, lol). Only invite the gal pals you know will make this occasion rock. Leave out anyone likely to spoil the night by acting spoiled, pining for their male counterparts, or over obsessing about their children. Get dressed up, put on those new heels you just haven’t  had the occasion to wear. Wear something out of the ordinary for you, maybe leather pants, a big statement necklace or the color red. Reserve an Uber or have a designated driver, don’t ever get behind the wheel after drinking. Be confident and have fun. It is meant for you to have fun so make the most of the experiences the night has to offer, after all at midnight we will all turn back to Cinderella……lol!

I went out last night with my girlfriends for sushi and drinks, we had a blast, laughing till we cried. I wore a black long tank top dress with a black and white fringed cape over it. I accessorized with Asian inspired jewelry, with red accents in it. I finished my outfit off with a Cole Haan red patent leather clutch, Kors, by Michael Kors  black patent leather peep toe heels and my Prada glasses. I must admit we all looked fabulous.

Always remember, you are Fabulous at every age!



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